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I spoiled him to some degree...

Hello Mark,

I purchased your program yesterday (3-24). My ex-wife and I have reached our wits end with our 13 year old son. Our strategies to get him back on the right path of life is not working. I pray that we will learn from you will help.

Our situation:

· My son’s mother and I are on the same page (95% of the time) in working together in helping our son

· I raised our son from age 3 to the beginning of this past school year (7th grade), I spoiled him to some degree (his mother blames me for the way he is now). The last two years I gradually got a little tougher on him (began holding Michael accountable for his actions & when necessary he lost some privileges for short periods of time). At the beginning of 7th grade Michael said I was too tough on him and he was going to live with his mother. I said, ok. We live within 2 miles of each other. As you guessed it….he goes back and forth, at his convenience.

· His mother has a difficult time with Michael, she has lost her job recently, and is having a hard time keeping up with Michael’s behavior issues, failing school grades (he has failed every class this past year & will not go on to the 8th grade), & trying to find a job and paying bills is a lot on mind. We agree that Michael should, at least for the time being, move back with me. He refuses. The tail is definitely wagging the dogs.

· To make matters worse, Michael is insulin resistant & has a fatty liver condition. I enrolled us into a 12 week program at Children’s Hospital last year. We went on a diet, he lost weight, liver enzymes got to be a normal level, and insulin levels were normal. However, it is a losing battle coaching him to eat healthy. He just refuses to eat healthy.

Bottom line, I do not keep anything in my house that is not healthy for him to eat. He can eat right, or don’t eat, either case he loses weight (he weighs 200 lbs). It is likely just another reason that he does not like to be at my home. And yes, there is a sweet treat, or “once a week pizza”.

As stated, I purchased your program, and will study & apply every bit of advice (I feel like, we have to save our son before he ruins his life more). He doesn’t do drugs, or has been in trouble with the police………yet!

My Out-of-Control Teen

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