Teens & Masterbating

I'm trying to figure out how not to lose what’s left of my mind from my 13 year old son. Everything your website says is what is happening with him now, except for the trouble with the police (yet). He has no father and I am a single mother, lots of health problems and with today’s economy just trying to stay ahead, it seems to fuel his fire. I apologize for the following content but I am desperate in knowing how to handle it. My son was taking 50 minute showers and costing me a fortune. I walked in on him one morning without him knowing that I was there and looked in the shower. He was masturbating vigorously. OMG! Of course I didn’t let him know I was there for his sake, and mine I guess. Yesterday (it’s now March school break) I dropped off the dog at my mothers and made a surprise visit back home. He didn’t hear me come in nor did he hear me come into his bedroom. I caught him on an internet sex site watching a woman engaged in oral sex, while my son was masturbating. OMG! I am by no means a prude and I think I handled it well. Hell, what do I know. I’ve got holes in my walls from his fist when I took away his computer for 1 day, he’s threatened to do the same with my head. He’s stolen from me, lied, cheated, and is starting to drop in his grades. He has ADD and has kept me from any kind of relationships for the past 12 years (they were scared) and I have aged drastically the past five years alone. Is his masturbation normal. I’ve lost my job because of him, any attempt to better myself with education and now my entire savings was sacrificed to put a down payment on this house and he is destroying it with his anger, resentment, animosity or whatever you want to call it.

Out-of-Control Teen

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