We are at wits end...

Hello Mr. Hutten,

My name is Geri Ficklin and I am the proud parent of two adopted children. My husband and I adopted or receive each of our children at 3 days of age. After which, we went through the full legal adoption process. I will not go into all of the detail here, but needless to say, if I am writing you, we are facing a difficult time. Our son is now thirteen and has taken on an entirely new personality. He curses, talks back, will not do his chores, yells, homework...etc. We have tried counseling but found that for the most part, it last as long as your money does. If you don't have deep pockets you are out of luck. Also some of the suggestions puzzled...like being told to "let you child stay in bed if he doesn't want to go to school".....and saying it in front of our son. This was not good.

I have been searching for months for someone or something that would help our son and us, and today after our son would not get up for school again (this is starting to happen every Wednesday now), I started searching again and came across your website. It looks promising and I pray that it will help us, because at this point we are at wits end. We love our child and want the best for him, the problem is that he must want it for him self.

We live in New Jersey and will try the On-line version. I pray that this is God's answer to our prayers.



Online Parent Support

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