I have once again filed another Missing Children’s report...

Well our story is a long one, but we need help. My girlfriend at work found your website, and we are in desperate need of help. Our son has been out of our home for over 1 month. He was skipping classes in school, and getting into trouble. Before Spring Break, I had attended the Parent Teacher Conference at his high school to find out that our son was failing his classes for non-attendance and basically non interest in school. In his defense I had stated that we would get counseling and also a tutor to bring his grades up.. as I was told that all was not lost at that point.

In the past two years we have had some major traumatic experiences which have also affected our son. My father (his grandpa) was very ill in January 2007, and just passed away in January 2009. My younger sister (his aunt) just passed away in November 2008. Also, mother (his Nana) is very ill with just months to live.

It has been very difficult for the entire family, and has also taken it’s toll on Dylan. My parents were Dylan’s primary caregivers up until my father became ill, and they stopped their routine of coming by to see him on a daily basis…. Dylan has not expressed his feelings about this or his feelings about his grandfather’s or his aunt’s deaths. We have had a lot of counseling, over the past year, but since my father passed away, he wont discuss it.

As I mentioned Dylan had been skipping school, and after the parent teacher interview, we had discussed getting a tutor, and also some counseling, he was in agreement. The following day (Friday March 13th) he skipped school, and lied to me and my husband. My husband found out that Dylan had skipped his classes on Friday, and had made arrangements with his school counselor to pick up some home work that he could work on over Spring Break. Dylan basically said no, and I am not going to follow your rules, or go to school. My husband said that he couldn’t live in our home if he wasn’t going to school, as that is basically our only main expectation right now. He left on March 13th, and has not been home since.

We have obtained the address of where he has been living through some of his school friends, but it is not good, pretty much what you would call a Flop House. A place that houses underage teens that are troubled. There is one adult that rents the house ( 20 yrs old) and all the other boys, 5 other are between ages of 15 – 18 yrs old.

Since Dylan has been residing at this place, we have left him alone, but he has broken into our home and robbed us 4 times of food and money. He also did what’s called an “empty envelope” deposit on his account (which I am a joint signer as he is a minor), and it overdrew my account and brought up a red flag as fraudulent transactions. I had a lot of explaining to do at my bank, and I am an employee….

We found out that Dylan hadn’t been at the house for 2 days, and learned that he was hanging out with an undesirable bad ass (Simon), a boy that he used to know a few years ago that we thought had disappeared, as part of our wishes.

I decided to file a Missing Children’s Report with our local police department, as I am very concerned for my son’s well being. I was told by a couple of his friends from school that he had sold his Play Station 3 for “ 3 lines of coke and a 30 sack of weed”. Not too sure of the value of these drugs, but the Play Station value is $400.00. Dylan generally has a good head on his shoulders but he is clearly being influenced by the people that he is living with, and now Simons has reappeared.

We received a call tonight from a Constable that Dylan and Simon had been caught shop lifting at Save-On-Foods Store in Burnaby (for a box of crackers). They called and wanted to know what we wanted to do…. We do not have the appropriate resources to deal with this yet, so they said that they would keep him overnight if he wanted… however, he was at will to leave if he so chose to do so. We then received a call from the Ministry that he had left within about 30 minutes.

I have once again filed another Missing Children’s report. And when they call me once he has been located, I will pick him up. My husband and I need help, as we don’t know where to go from here…..

My Out-of-Control Teen

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