My 12 year old son is getting into trouble at school...

My 12 year old son is getting into trouble at school. He seems to be misbehaving and then being disrespectful to adults that do not show him respect. He has encountered problems w/lunch monitors, bus drivers and teachers at the school who have embarrased him or called him names. Instead of keeping his mouth shut and telling an adult that he can trust what these adults have said to him, he tries to handle the problem on his own which only leads to a punishment for him, such as in-school and out of school suspension. He is extremely impulsive and most times acts and speaks before he stops to think. He is easily frustrated and very sensitive. We have tried to implement firm consequences letting him know what we expect from him and that we know that he knows the right thing to do. Nothing seems to be working. He says that he is not sure why he acts out, but sometime it is just because he is following the actions of another student. I am going to make an appointment w/either a social worker or psychologist. The school wanted to involve the social worker in a court setting where he would have 3 months probation for his actions. I think this is a little extreme. He is not violent. He is just very disruptive and impulsive. He has leadership qualities, but unfortunately becomes a follower most of the time.

My Out-of-Control Son

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