My son has a very arrogant nature...


I have a 15 yr old boy and he is a lot taller than me, My husband is away a lot. My son has a very arrogant nature "which I just can not stand" and he knows this.

We had a argument a couple of day's ago because I tried to have some fun with him and now he is staying with his grandparent for a couple of day with just make me feel like a dog.

before he went to his grandparents I tried to talk to him & I ask him what was his problem is with me and his reply was 'YOU" YOU ARE MY PROBLEM you are the one that fights with me, dad, and his brother because I am the authority figure in our home he doesn't like it and thinks it should be his father"who he thinks is god"

All the male's in my family do not see the disrespect he has towards the women in my family, because they don't cop it they don't see it.

Example; yesterday before he left I said to him; I hope you talk to your grandfather about this. His reply was, and who's going to help you.

He knows how to floor me and I just become speechless with discuss as to how he can treat me like this, because we have not raised him to be like this.

As his father and I rarely have arguments and his brother and I muck around to the cows come home and rarely argue. I feel at a loss as to why he can just turn on me like he does

I am determined I am not going to pussy foot around him or be walking on egg shells just in case I upset him.

I have purchased your eBook last night and what I have read so far has made me feel a little better.

Thank you,


Not sure how to handle this when he comes home tomorrow!

My Out-of-Control Teen

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