She is defiant, does not listen, she is extremely impulsive...


My name is L__, I m a single parent in desperate need of help for my 14yr out-of control daughter.

She was diagnosed with ADD when she was about 4 years old; however medication was neither the answer nor the route I took. Instead I tried therapy, and art therapy, I also tried family counseling, and school counseling... For the past few years I have tried other methods of coping with my daughters behaviors. She has been transferred from school to school for several years... I have tried Public School, charter schools, and now private school with very little results.

Each school provided counseling for my daughter but her behavior and emotional problems are increasing rapidly.

Academically she is on a 5th grade level, she is unable to complete task and focus... I have tried tutoring, scores program and Sylvan learning center with very little results...

At 13 years old. My daughter has had sex, use coke, attempted suicide several times, gotten arrested, steals...and more

She has been suspended several times and has repeated 4tht & 6th grade... she is failing all her classes.

She is defiant, does not listen, she is extremely impulsive. Cant stop lying, she make up stories that can cause harm to her and to others...

Has the family dynamic contributed to my daughter's behaviors, probably...? I practically raised her on my own... spoiled her and never showed her disappointment at an early age, as a kid if she wanted a lollipop I got her 5-6 lollipops.. She got in trouble at school I punished her but eventually gave in to her whining and mooning... Her dad has been part of her life but very limited. He is a weekend and occasional dad. I know he loves her very much however he has not participated in her upbringing as much as he should because of his own personal issues. He has never attended a parent teacher conference, may have taken her to the doctors once or twice... he will pick her up on weekends but drop her off at his moms house (her grandmother)

I was raised with both my brother and sister but never got the attention I needed from my mother nor my father. At the age of 16 I left my house drop-out of school began to work and practically took care of myself the best way I can, I'm now 32 years old and imp a district visual manager for Bed Bath & Beyond. I've been working for this company for 13 years... my life although some may think is somewhat stable... is far beyond that. My life is not complete.

My daughter needs help, yes she is a teenager but my daughter’s behaviors are escalating. I know the term "it will get worse before it gets better" is something I should think about, however I know in my heart that I need to get her help ASAP... The worse could happen and I guess what I could lose my daughter... threw death (God FORBID) or the system. I need help NOW!

I need to have my daughter evaluated and tested. She has seen several physiatrists who have not diagnosed her nor have given me a treatment Plan. I'm currently taking her to the JEWISH BOARD FOR FAMILY SERVICES, although is helping somewhat don’t see the sense of urgency... Their physiatrist has recommended her to be evaluated at GAILER HOUSE- a diagnostic and testing center located in Staten Island. But unfortunately my daughter needs a referral from either ACS (administration for children services) or Family Court in order to place her in this facility.

I love my daughter with all my heart I sacrifice to provide everything I never had. It kills me spiritually and emotional to see her like this...

Last night, I was brought to the ER for an anxiety attack; I am trying to cope with the stress however I’m running on low fuel. I NEED HELP!! PLEASE!!

Before is too late... PLEASE HELP!

My Out-of-Control Teen

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