I am ready to just give up...

I am a single mother of 3. Donna Marie (16), Nicholas (13) and Isabella (4 months), I am in desperate need of getting myself thru these teenage boys/ girls years. I feel sometimes, I am ready to just give up, but I really don’t want to.. I will do everything in my power to help my child(ren) succeed. Donna Marie is just very smart (gpa 3.4-3.7), starting college courses in the fall, very independent, and I could trust her to take care of a situation if need be, Donna’s problem is that she has no respect for me what so ever. Very mean, and at times, tries to be the parent.

Nicholas is who my main concern is with. I have had a brush w/ the law so far. He was charged w/ 4th degree assault for bulling another child; he has taken the truck and drove his friend home. Nick is the class clown and wants to show off constantly. His case worker, when she first met Nick said he didn’t seem to be the kind that would get into trouble. He is very disrespectful to me.. and lately I have noticed that it is getting much worse, where he is starting to tell me NO, does as he wants, and has a fowl mouth.

Nick is use to be the youngest and I feel when Isabella came it got much worse. I am a single parent, but have never let that get in the way. I was with a guy up to 2 years ago, when we divorced b/c of him being a alcoholic. Nick did see the abuse, and unfortunately this was the only real father figure he had. Nick’s father is in his life, but he works out of town constantly, so he only sees him maybe 1 x a month and that is usually for one night. I am in DESPERATE help, to help Nicholas thru these hard times in his life.. Nicholas was doing well at the beginning of the school year, but now has slipped tremendously in his grades and behavior in class/ school.

I work full time and w/ a new born, I am limited to my time. We have recently joined the YMCA to help us as family bond and work out, and we have always sat down and ate as a family. I have tried my hardest to keep the family life as normal as possible. I just don’t know where to go... I have tried reverse psychology but nothing seems to help. I have tried to take away his phone, ipod, tv for a month at a time.

Please help’!!!

My Out-of-Control Teen

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