I didn’t even know about oppositional defiant disorder until two days ago...

My child is 8 years old. I didn’t even know about oppositional defiant disorder until two days ago when my therapist, after many sessions in which all I did was talk about the chaos that this middle child of mine causes, and after having met this child for one session only, basically diagnosed him with this disorder. After reading everything I could find online, I feel fairly certain he’s right, but now what to do. I can’t really start up treatment with him in a therapist’s office as we are moving out of state in less than two months, and as my therapist stated, he’ll just be getting acclimated to therapy and then we’ll have to move and start all over again. But I don’t want to wait another two months to get started!!! So that’s why I am considering you program, and I would really appreciate your honesty in whether or not this is a good program to use for a second grade boy… middle of three boys, ages 5, 8, and 10. He also has struggled with some pretty severe anxiety issues, but is doing much better. Oh – and one more thing… he doesn’t exhibit any of the “symptoms” of this disorder in school at all, in fact he is a model student, and behaves very well at friends’ houses. However, he has difficulties with friends often when they are at our house. But the chaos and upset he causes in our house for my husband and I and his two brothers (especially his older brother) is chronic and we are at our wit’s end.

My Out-of-Control Child

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