I saw something called ODD. It sounds JUST like her to a "T"...

I found your website while researching on how to get help for my defiant daughter. She is 16 and we are definitely at our wits end. Her behavior has almost split my marriage up. When she was 2 I thought she had the worst case of the terrible 2's, but it has never gone away. No matter what we have tried she refuses to follow the rules and seems to enjoy being defiant. Now she is 16 and she just slept with a boy she met two months ago. (her first boyfriend) She lied to me to get out of the house which made me feel bad because I thought giving her some freedom to go out with her friends would help with her behavior. last night was the last straw. She openly got into my husbands face and he ended up throwing her out of the house. She walked down to her girl friend's house and smoked pot for the first time. We are thinking about sending her to her father's house in another state just to be rid of her. She is starting to influence all her younger sisters who are wondering why she gets away with everything. But her father is a drug addict and alcoholic. I really don't want to send her to his house. I'm afraid she will get hurt. From looking at your website I saw something called ODD. It sounds JUST like her to a "T". How do I go about finding out if she has this. My (current) husband and I are "A" type personality and we love our kids. I am a recovering alcoholic (8 years) and have bi-polar disorder (diagnosed, on meds and doing great) I have 3 other children. My oldest has been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder (on meds, in counseling, doing great) My youngest two are well adjusted kids. We have a great life except for the 16 year old.

My Out-of-Control Child

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