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I'm actually afraid of the next "bomb" that will drop...

I'm still hurting so badly from an incident that occurred over a week ago...when I questioned my daughter about a missing earring, she became more and more aggressive and then in front of her boyfriend she completely humiliated me by accusing me of physically abusing her throughout her childhood (completely false) and that certainly I would beat her again in his absence over the earring. He was as shocked as I was and when he demanded her to stop and apologize, she wanted him to chose was so crazy, I burst into tears and left the room. He hasn't been back to our home as he usually would for dinner although they are still together at school.

I feel sick. I can barely look at my daughter. She has apologized in writing, something he coached her to do, but now I just don't feel the same anymore and I see that we are in a pattern where she becomes louder and more aggressive to get what she wants and I succumb to keep her happy, keep the peace in the family. This outrageous incident has hurt me and my husband, our younger twins beyond words. I don't know how to handle her. I'm actually afraid of the next "bomb" that will drop...

My Out-of-Control Daughter

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