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My daughter was diagnosed as ODD at 5 yrs. of age...

My daughter was diagnosed as ODD at 5 yrs. of age, and she is now 17 1/2 yrs. old. She has been an extremely difficult child to raise, and still is. She has all 8 out of 8 criteria for ODD. The hospital that diagnosed her for ODD 13 yrs. ago did not tell me what ODD was, nor give me any information on how to deal with it... they just sent me home with her diagnosis. Needless to say, in trying to get my daughter and myself help in learning how to deal with this, I have had her in a treatment centre (she came out worse than when she went in); I have had her in a group home for a few months; (again... worse when she came back); I have kicked her out twice; (lessons never learned!); she has been in hospital and on medication (made her worse and I took her off it); she has seen a psychiatrist (no help); and I have had numerous agencies and workers from the Child Welfare System and other agencies to so-call help, but all they do is blame the parent/s and admit traditional parenting doesn't work, yet they give no alternative. The System does not have any answers and cannot explain behaviors, so likes to lay blame on the parent. My daughter is verbally and physically abusive. She is also verbally abusive to her grandma who lives in another province. (over the phone). She rants and raves, swears constantly, name calls, puts down my grandma and me for everything. She is very demanding, bossy, rude and mean. She never apologizes for any wrong she does, and will never admit to anything. She has a way of twisting the situation around to make it seem like I have said or done things I haven't. She has destroyed my property, put holes in walls, throws things, kicks my vehicle and puts dents in it. She is very vindictive and seeks revenge, even for "imagined wrongs." If I discipline her and remove something from her, she will then take some item of mine, or lock me out of the house.

The System has failed completely, and I have lost my faith in all treatment centres, workers, System, Dr's., etc...

My Out-of-Control Teen

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