My husband is the yeller and wants to control the whole situation...

Our 17 yr. old son exhibits all of these characteristics and has since he was a toddler...he could go from the most loving, sensitive child to the devil incarnate...he has always disprupted our household and has come between my husband and I many times. My husband is the yeller and wants to control the whole situation and I'm the enabler or denyer that you talk about. As a toddler he would bang his head on the floor and or walls when we were trying to discipline him..the pediatrician was alot of help..all he could say was "well it looks like you've got a head banger on your hands" and then chuckled! When he was 4 and started scratching himself across the face when he was being disciplined (and I mean yelled at to stop his wrong behavior) we finally took him to see a child psychiatrist and she advised us to implement the Magic 1,2,3 method and it worked perfectly. We have a very stable home environment. No divorce or abuse situations. Our son is very intelligent. It wasn't until 7th grade that his grades started to fall. And then the hostile and destructive nature came back. Did I mention all the holes he put through the sheetrock in his room, the pantry and the garage door glass! Even as a toddler when sent to his room he would destroy it! He went back to hurting himself when he was in trouble by beating his fists into something until they bled. Now he is telling us he is on the verge of a drinking problem because he just can't take his dad yelling at him so he feels the need to drink. Right now it's just beer. Are we too late? We have taken his car and cell phone away and he cut a hole in the window screen and ran away because he said he just needed to get away and think things out. He kept in touch with us telling us not to worry and he came back that same night but we are literally at our wits end! Bet you wish you had a nickle for every time you've heard that one! Thank you, Laura Truitt

My Out-of-Control Teen

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