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He acted out sexually with a dog...

My son has always been classified as adhd until 7 months ago when he acted out sexually with a dog. He was then put in the hospital for observation and after he was tested. The doctor told us he has a condition similar to autism, he has control issues. He has the ability to make good descions but chooses not to. The doctor told us part of his brain does not function like everyone elses reguarding empathy and caring. He has suggested military structure . Try as I might we have had trouble getting the desired results. I have looked into schools for him and programs but we do not have the money to send him away. We worry about him acting out again and hurting someone. All I want is for him to behave the way I know he can so we can have our family back again. We have tried many different meds for him and he has had many different diagnoses. We just want to be able to have him make the right descions so he can live in our house and follow the rules and get along with everyone. After several counselers he does not cooperate and share with them.


My Out-of-Control Son

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