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He started out at a state college last fall and ended up flunking out after the first semester...

I am currently experiencing difficulty with my 19 year old son. He started out at a state college last fall and ended up flunking out after the first semester. He told us he was going to turn things around and we believed him and let him sign up at the local community college but he again ended up with the same result. He is constantly lying to us and has no direction. He was working a part-time job which he just quit because he said they wouldn’t give him more hours. Of course, something is better than nothing but he quit without our knowledge. Now he isn’t even working. Additionally, the group of friends he hangs with is not good, especially one friend in particular. This friend has been the common denominator from the beginning of my son’s downward progression. They actually roomed together in college and both flunked out.

My son is back home now after avoiding us for two weeks because he didn’t want to face us about his grade situation. It has only been a couple of days and I am struggling with how to help get him on the right path. As you stated, my husband and I feel like we’ve tried everything to help him turn things around and are at a loss. I am looking for answers and I am willing to try anything. We are trying to regain some control over his life but it is very difficult because he is not thinking rationally. I know the change will only come if he wants it but am hoping to gain some insight in how we may be able to get the ball rolling. We restricted him from using his car (which we paid for) – we told him that is a privilege he has to earn back.

My Out-of-Control Teen

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