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I have a troubled teenager...

Hi there, I have a troubled teenager - 15year old girl. I've been seeking therapy and counselling for about 5 years now. As she gets bigger - her voice is louder, she's stronger and the verbal abuse is horrific. It's by chance that I stumbled on your website - I was actually looking up anything that has answers for me - I plan to show my husband the web page. It sounds like something I might want to try because I have tried everything possible and I am truly at "wits end!!"

I'm on a waiting list for psychiatric help - she hates talking to them and I've read 5 books on Borderline Personality Disorder that they "think" she may have, ADHD as well and medication for behaviour. Deep down I think she just doesn't know how to deal with the frustration she feels, or if she messes up she doesn't take responsibility - she's immature that way. My husband (her stepdad) is done with her.

I try to manage most on my own and I want to help her before it's too late!

My Out-of-Control Daughter

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