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Out Of Control Daughter

I was on your website today looking for direction. I know you probably hear that alot.

I have a 15 year old girl. She is a good girl inside, however, she has been increasingly becoming difficult lately. We moved from Alabama to New York 4 years ago. New York is home for my husband and I and we were lucky enough to be just 28 miles from where we grew up. It should have been the answer to prayer. My husband is a pastor in the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. We never thought we would be home. That usually doesn't happen in our church.

Although she missed her Alabama friends, Mariah did okay the first year we were here. She was in 6th grade. However, 7th grade was the beginning of the troubles we are seeing now. She has been diagnosed with major clinical depression and has been hospitalized twice in a kids psych ward. She is on medication for this and sees her dr. regularly. We are working on finding a suitable therapist. She also suffers severe migraines for which she is also medicated.

She is now in 9th grade. She has just spent the second time in the ward. She has not been back to school. She hates the school and she thinks everyone is always talking about her. Being the new girl when we moved here, she was popular at first and had many friends, then all the sudden, she was isolated and it just fell apart. She is being home-tutored for the time being. We are looking at alternatives for school next year.

I guess my question really is, with a child that has emotional problems, is something like your program helpful. I have found it difficult to distinguish between illness and willful acting out at times. But I don't want to assume and do her damage. I'm almost afraid to parent.

She is really starting to take risks that are unacceptable. I have been really watching and there when I think she is going to make a huge mistake. I'm trying to talk to her about these things and how they can affect her life. It's not drugs, so I'm grateful for that, but neither do I want a grandchild right now. I can see how kids with emotional problems end up in trouble and I want to get her on a good path.

Sorry to go on for so long. I'm tired and trying to get to the end of the tunnel. Thanks for your time.

My Out-of-Control Daughter

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