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She tells me she hates me and wishes me dead...

My daughter is only 13 years old and HELL on wheels, She gets in my face and cusses me She has hit me due to the fact that she cussed me out and I slapped her mouth... well She hit me back , this last time she pulled a knife on me. I was the one who went to jail for domestic because I didn't tell on her for the knife. Alexis is out of control Her father kicked her out of his home after her living with him for 10 1/2 years.

She tells me she hates me and wishes me dead... At this time she is with her Grandmother because there's a TPO between us She is in counseling , And I'm at my whits end!! She not on drugs or smokes and has good grades She just Hates me one of the reasons Her Father put a lot of crap and hate and distrust in her head about me, A lot of the anger she has I believe is coming from that She had a hard life with him ,I tried fighting Him in court to get her for 10 years now after him not allowing me to know my daughter He kicks her out of his house and said good luck and hasn't looked back. I don't know what to do OR how to do It.

My Out-of-Control Daughter

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