My child is very troubled...

My child is very troubled, I have not seen her for 7 years and before that I only saw her three times in from the age of 5 to 10.

I was in the Special Forces and worked for the government when Roxanne was 10 I came back into her life and walked away after two months for her own safety. Her mother now knows this and so does Roxanne.

We got together 3 months ago me and her mother and stepdad and Roxanne’s parents are all fine. Roxanne came to stay with me a month and a half ago to change her life so she says. After 3 weeks the lies and bullshit started.

I had it out with her over the weekend and all the truth come out not from Roxanne but her mother stepdad and grandparents.

Roxanne has made there life hell for the past 6 years the child blames me and told me her mother she hated her did not love her and never wanted to see her again. That was a lie I have been assured by all that her mother has never said these things. The only person saying terrible things about me is Roxanne. When I left the second time she wrote a letter to herself claiming I had sexually abused her as a child (when her mother told me this on Sunday last week I was devastated it has broke my heart) Roxanne admitted this was a lie when her mother found the letter. Her mother and husband and grandparents all new this was a lie because of all the lies Roxanne had told previously including going to school in a makeshift sling on her arm and telling the teachers that her stepdad had broken her arm in anger!!

Less than a year ago Roxanne got drunk at home on her own went to her mother’s friends house they would not let her in so she went home hid in the bushes till her mother got back. Roxanne then proceeded to rip her own knickers bra and clothes and smothered her makeup go indoors and tell her mother she had just been raped!! Half an hour later she admitted that was a lie.

These three stories alone in the last three days are just too much for me to take in.

I am scared because she is showing little remorse but doesn’t comprehend how she has made me feel. What is this teenager capable of if she does not get her own way another accusation like that could go in her favor and somebody end up in jail.

I just don't know how to stop the lies every day there is something different.

My Out-of-Control Daughter

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