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Out-of-Control Granddaughter

As a christian I have been praying for my grandaughter who is 11 years of age because she has been a difficulty for my daughter. My daughter has had on going problems with diciplining her and last night my daughter calls me out of desperation and said that they got into a physical fight because Janessa (my grandaughter) refused to get off of her brothers bed and they continued to challenge each other until it got physical. Janessa is about the same size as my daughter now so you could imagine what that must have been like.

I asked my daughter to have someone pick Janessa up so they could both cool off. A friend came over and invited Janessa over to her home as she lives close by. I live 2 hours away and I could not get there to diffuse the situation. Janessa did not even want to talk to me last night on the phone and that got me worried.

Janessa has had these out bursts of defiance before and it seems to be getting worse. Her background is that she is being raised primarily by her mother. She hardly sees her father even though he makes some contact with her. Janessa and her mother has been to counseling and Janessa is on some kind of medication for bed wetting and behavior modification.

I try to spend as much time as I can with her but many times lately when I talk to her or ask her to do something she is silent for a very long time and I even have to sweet talk her into doing certain things and she eventually does them but with alot of love and coaxing.

My Out-of-Control Granddaughter

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