Son does not appreciate anything...

My son has gotten to the point where he does not appreciate anything! He expects it. I raised him and told him that in life you have to work for what you want. My question is this... My son is going on a retreat with the church for a week. I only let him go so maybe he would listen and we could have some peace. I have already taken everything away, tv, computer, cell phone the car. My husband and I are planning on cleaning his room out while he is gone. When he gets back there will be a mattress a dresser in his room. We are moving the tv and his music out of his room. I told him that as a parent I only have to provide a roof over his head, basic clothes on his back and food on the table. Everything else is a luxury. Am I or should I say WE being too hard or overdramatic? My friend says no she had to lay down the law with her 14 year old daughter. I am a nurse, but I do not work peds and the text books can tell you alot, but the truth is experience works best for me. Please let me know what you think. Your description for a out of control teen fits my child! Disrespectful to us (only), defiant, lying stealing from us and his brother. jealousy rage huge temper tantrums and he's 17! I am sure you have heard it all, but I thought I was dealing with it, but the past two years things have totally escalated! I feel they may have been present earlier, but not to this intensity. He tells us he hates us and he can't wait to move out. Please help, I am a full time nurse (LPN), full time student (RN) and a mother of two boys at home and a husband who has terminal stage IV cancer. So this is very difficult on him and me. I am the only one working d/t my husbands dx two years ago.

My Out-of-Control Teen

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