Her attitude & actions have come as a real shock to us...

My name is Cameron, we have a family of 2 daughters, my wife & I, although have have had normal family problems over the years things in general have been well with our family (or so we thought) since the last 2 weeks when we discovered our 14 yr old daughter had been lying to us about many things over the years.

Our first discovery was her school books with F*** written all over them which is shocking to us due to her christian upbringing, it was this discovery that lead to other secrets she has been hiding from us including a 13yr old school boyfreind.

Since talking with her & expressing our anger/concern her but her reply was "just let me go, i am not happy here, don't worry about me" etc, she left home yesterday (she never came home from school)

She has been in touch by phone & is staying with a friends family. I insisted she come home but her reply is "give me 2 weeks to sort out my life" & i will come home.

She has lied & manipulated this family into helping her & they were not aware of the full story until we spoke to them last night &are not comfortable with being caught up in it all as they have their own problems to deal with.

My initial reaction was to drive there there & drag her home but have agreed to give her 2 days then she is to return home, she says she will not come home until she is ready although the family involved has agreed to make sure she is home in 2 days but i doubt it will happen.

We are certainly not perfect parents but she comes from a loving family environment & she knows we care about her & only want whats best for her but her reaction to our pleas for her to come home are " i know i have hurt you, please give me 2 weeks to be strong on my own to show you i can sort things out by myself"

Her attitude & actions have come as a real shock to us & quite frankly i feel sick to my stomach, hopefully your book will help both my wife & i to deal best with the situation & whether we should allow the two weeks she has requested or get her home as soon as possible. (my thoughts are to get her home before she sinks deeper into any further destructive behaviour)

Its 2.11am, i cannot sleep & am at my wits end.

My Out-of-Control Daughter

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