He's been addicted to online gaming...

My son is 15 years old. For the last 6 months he's been addicted to online gaming and through this, he's got acquainted with some really bad company who are older in age, some of whom are school dropouts or just jobless. He's been taught to smoke, drink, go clubbing, sex etc.

He's also been taking money from home to keep up with his extravagant lifestyle. His school grades have deteriorated and his attitude & mannerism towards the family is getting really bad. We've sent him for a few hypnotherapy sessions to cope with anger management and we even had a Family therapy session but nothing seems to work. We've also approached his school teacher/displine master for assistance but until now, nothing seems to be really working.

The critical thing here is, he's been staying out (the longest period was for days at a stretch) as & when he feels like it, throws his tantrums if he doesnt get his way and spends hours on his mobile, even during meal times. We've spent lots of time trying to counsel and advise him on his bad company of friends but his friends mean the world to him. One phone call & he's out of the house despite our vehement objections. If we try reasoning with him, he'll just sulk, keep his head down & refuse to communicate. He's at times violent as well. It's really very worrying and we're at our wit's end. Nothing we say or do is able to make him see where we're coming from.

My Out-of-Control Teen

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