I have 2 teenage boys that are out of control...

I have 2 teenage boys that are out of control.

Jordan is 17. He has his GED but chose to go back to high school because his girlfriend was there. I am not sure what the status of that is because he started skipping a lot of school towards the end of the month. He drinks some but mostly smokes weed. He has had 3 jobs that all ended the same. He decides not to go in and I guess quits that way. Jordan is pleasant unless confronted with “nagging” and stuff.

Avery is 16. Avery has been in serious trouble with the law. Currently on probation. He has withheld findings on his charges depending on his behavior. He has been in detention for truancy. He has one friend that is a gang member over a year ago I saw the red bandanas briefly but that ended and I haven’t seen that since he got in trouble.That didn’t really startled him. He hasn’t really improved. Hates school. He has failed 9th grade twice. Currently he has an appointment at school to begin pre GED testing to get him into that program. He smokes cigarettes. He drinks some but also mostly smokes weed. He hangs around with older kids just as out of control as he. He is in counseling but I haven’t seen improvement. Avery is sweet to me. Hates his stepdad. He used to get along with him but he left for 2 years and has returned. Since then nothing but conflict between them.

They both in ways act much older than they are because prior to my remarriage to their stepfather things were rough. Their stepfather has had about enough and I feel like my marriage is in falling apart because of this situation. My neighbors hate us and want us to move. We have a strict HOA so I am always stressed about that. Actually I am ALWAYS stressed about everything. I think they make petty cash by reselling weed. I don’t believe they have ethics or good moral values. My husband last summer let Jordan work with him and that ended badly. Just this week he let Avery work with him and that ended even worse. They have a 5 year old brother that lives in the house. Two step-siblings who visit every other weekend. They just visited their dad (had 3 remarriage kids) last weekend after not seeing him for 2 years. That actually went well but it was a day and a half. I feel like I have to choose between my kids and my husband and they usually win. I am about to lose my mind. We live in a nice neighborhood. My boys don’t have to be these thugs they wanna be.

I am worried that my kids are too far gone to be helped. Have they gotten to bad? I don’t know what to do.

My Out-of-Control Teens

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