My teenage girl is out of control...

My teenage girl is out of control. What should I do? I have been a homeschooling parent for the past 6 years. All was fine, when she hit teenage status things started to change. Rebellion kicked in. She started refusing to do work and/or lying about doing it. We started having conflict. I have always taken my children’s education very seriously. When I felt that my teenage daughter was pulling away to get even with me we came to an agreement to put her back into school. I was very upset with this decision but at the time I felt she was refusing to do stuff for me to get even with me because she decided she did not want to do homeschooling any longer. I put her back in school, I wanted her to do her best and show me that I was wrong to keep her at home. I noticed a decline in behavior and studies immediately. I talked to her teachers and counselor; they made some suggestions and also some conclusions. Jessica’s ability to do the schoolwork was there!

She just didn’t want to do it or didn’t care to turn it in. After a full quarter, the counselor suggested a virtual school program because she felt that it was a socialization problem. Jessica was more concerned of hanging out with friends then doing schoolwork. I would understand this except that the home school program we had allowed for plenty of socialization. So I didn’t understand why it was an issue now. Now that she is doing virtual school she has found ways to make it look like the work is done but in reality all she did was delay it. I am so frustrated. She refuses to take her schoolwork seriously. She doesn’t care if she fails. All she cares about is hanging out with her friends. I took that privilege away. I told her if she completes her schoolwork for the week she can go hang out with her friends. I found out that she submitted incomplete or failed assignments just so it shows that she did it. That causes an argument because she technically didn’t do the work she just made it look like she did it so she could go. Urgh……………….I refused to let her go, and she is refusing to do anything around the house or schoolwork for that matter.! What do I do now.?

She ALWAYS threatens to run away if she doesn’t get her way. She is causing a bunch of drama here and setting a bad example for her little sisters. I love my daughter, I want her to succeed… but I don’t want to enable her failure either. If I put her back in school she will do nothing, If I keep her here she will do nothing. She is 16 years old. Urgh………………………….!

My Out-of-Control Daughter

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