Out-of-Control Teens

I have been with my husband for nearly 8 years, and combined we have 6 children and all of them seem to be showing the same signs of disrespect and out of control behaviour. We have no children to each other, I have 4. My eldest is nearly 22 and moved out when he was about 15, then I have a daughter which is nearly 21,she moved out when she was 16. My third boy is 15 he ran away from home in May this year and I made him come home in July he was gone for six weeks. When he left I was devastated, he moved in with a friend and his family. Since he's been home he has told me that they miss him and they want him to come back (he's talking about the parents). He also told me that the guidance councillor at school has told him that maybe he would be better off if he moved back in with them, all of which I have since found out is not true. Then yesterday he told me he was leaving and going back there. The problem I have is that 3 out of my children have learning problems, social problems etc, and he is the one that seems like he can achieve all he wants. He has become quite overpowering, sneaky and dishonest since he moved in with this other family. Breaking the law is one thing that I have feared with him and he did it with the group of kids he is now hanging around.

I left the birth father when I was pregnant with my youngest and he has had no contact since, now my son is telling my husband you are not my real dad and you have no say over me, which is very hurtful to both of us as my husband is all my son has any memory of.

I am also having trouble with my youngest son he is 14 next month and he is doing everything he knows he shouldn't be doing and he is in constant trouble. I am hoping that we can achieve some kind of harmony in our home before its too late.

I read all the links and watched your videos and it was like you were talking about exactly what we are dealing with.

Out-of-Control Teens

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