Son got mixed up in Oxycoden and Hydrocoden...

I have an 18 year old son that got mixed up in Oxycoden and Hydrocoden he said for 2 years he had been doing these. He went into the hospital for 5 days in June and the doctor put him through a detox program in the hospital and then told him he must go to an inpatient program as the success rate is only 2% that he could detox and stay clean on his own. Well guess what I found out today that he has influenced his friend to go to the doctor and get the same prescription for his drug habit and now I am sure they are both on this. They are I am sure selling this as well. Clint (my son) has not had any consiquences for anything he does. He makes sure he does not keep any of this medication at my house, as I have told him that I will have him move out if I find any thing to do with drugs in my home.

Just to give you some back ground as to how bad he was, he stole about $7,000 worth of jewelry from me and sold it for $1,000 I had to buy it back. He was dr. and pharmacy hopping I found over 500 pills without any label on the prescription bottle and I put them down the garbage disposal. I have talked to police officers, councilors and doctors. I now have this other kids grandmother (he is only 17) calling me asking me what is going on. After Clint got out of the hospital in June he started going to church was saved, baptised and attends on a weekly basis. he came to me and told me when he was younger our baby sitter ( a young boy) was sexualy abusing him as well as a guy I dated (not sure if any or all is true) Clint was going to councelors but is not right now because he is working 7-5 with this other kid. they come to my house clean up, eat and sleep. I was home schooling him and he still has one class to finish at which time he can not do any of it because he is too tired from this job. My other concern is that they are doing drugs and working in a grain elevator and on top of 2 story buildings (high on who knows what).

My Out-of-Control Teen

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