I am totally at my wits-end with my teenager daughter...

I am totally at my wits-end with my teenager daughter….she is almost 15 and rebels against everything.

1. She refuses to go school a lot of the time.
2. She uses me for lifts / money / etc.
3. She is abusive and swears if she doesn’t get her own way.
4. Has damaged her bedroom.
5. Has been violent to me in the past.
6. Sleeps out / drinks / smokes.
7. Expects me to provide money and buy her things – although she treats me badly.
8. Controls my movements – holidays – outings – everything I do
9. Threatens to run away

She is going to America for two week next Saturday and I hate to say I am looking forward to the break, however she has made it clear I am not aloud to go away whilst she is away – even though her trip has cost me £1500 in total….and I took her and her mate to Spain three weeks ago, I still must wait until she returns and then take her.

This morning she has not gone to school – she does have a throat infection and I’ve taken her doctors however she is already telling me she is going out tonight – I’ve said no and she ignores me.

How do I enforce discipline, if I take something away (privileges) she’ll refuse to go school tomorrow too and so on, it’s a constant battle with her.

She rings me at work and is abusive down the phone if I don’t jump to her constant demands….I can’t I have to work to keep the house going, pay the bill and put petrol in the car to run her around.

I feel drained by her all the time, it’s like walking on egg shells, it’s best not to speak a lot of the time, but then she accuses me of ignoring her, if I try to talk to her then I’m nagging and being nosey….she just causes arguments for the sake of it.

I need some help, fast….she has lied and turn all my family against me – I have no one to help me….the school are not particularly helpful – their teacher simply makes reference to ridiculous things!...like a persons name not matching their designer label clothes….it’s pathetic!

My Out-of-Control Daughter

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