I am afraid his future is going to be spent in and out of prison...

My husband and I have 2 sons aged 19 and 16, our 19 year old did give us problems when he was younger but not like this. Our youngest son has now been in constant trouble for the last 2 years, we moved house 2 years ago, at great expense, to a better area and closer to his school hoping that he would be happier being closer to his friends as he was a very quiet child who rarely went out. He became involved with some slightly unruly kids but I am not blaming all of his behaviour on them. He was in trouble at school, graffitti and constant low level disruption, which eventually lead to him being permenantly excluded and having to join a pupil referral unit where he became more involved with 'a bad crowd'. He has been arrested for graffitti, drunk and disorderly behaviour, affray, shop lifting all numerous times. He has trashed his room and other things in our house, stolen money from us, repeatedly lied to use, blatently disobeyed us, truanted from school and college. He is regularly drunk or at least been drinking and smokes marijuanna too. Our home has been searched by the police on 2 seperate occasions, once when we were at work. He has upset our elderly neighbours and other people in the area and its hard to walk down the street without feeling they are all looking and talking about us, now I have been told he is causing upset in a neighbouring estate by an angry mum whos window has been smashed. He always denies any wrong doing when he is accused of anything and always says it was someone elses fault. Our eldest son has been recently physically fighting with his brother in an attempt to control him.

My husband and I regularly disagree with how to deal with his behaviour and it is putting a huge strain on us as a family. I now feel like the only solution is to move house again to get him away from his friends but my husband is very against this. His idea of a solution is always to throw him out! I have been taking anti depressants for the last 18 months and last year I was off work sick for 5 weeks with stress. I am a nurse, and my husband is a construction site manager and we both work full time, we really are rock bottom now and dont know where to turn. I am afraid his future is going to be spent in and out of prison.

My Out-of-Control Teen

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