It is her feeling of entitlement that scares me...

My daughter does not live at home with us but we are still contributing to her support. She has been through many treatment programs since the age of 14, has done just about everything at this point (drugs, alcohol, prostitution) but has gone to therapy and at this point is not involved in any of this (I don't think). She had been on many different medicines in the past thinking she was bipolar, but none of the therapists or psychiatrists believe that anymore. It is the environment that is setting off her emotional dysregulation. She has now started Strattera for ADHD and it seems to be helping although who knows if she is actually taking it. (I guess in the past they were afraid to give her this thinking she was bipolar). She is not living in our house because eventhough she's not doing anything terrible, she has absolutely no regard for our property and possessions.

The problem is that when I do what I need to do instead of walking on eggshells, she spirals. She cannot hold a job due to her frustration (although she is exceptionally bright), so she would then go straight to living with a guy. I could handle almost anything but lying and manipulation and that's what she does best. I don't know exactly when she is doing it since she doesn't live at home. I don't have it in me anymore to be a "police officer".

Unfortunately I have pretty much concluded that I am too close to her to correctly react to her actions. I really feel an objective case manager would be much better at this point. That way I give a certain amount of money, etc. each week and she can't talk me into anything else. Are there people that do that and where can I find them?

It is her feeling of entitlement that scares me. I believe that is what leads into the criminal personality. She always thinks she's working so hard that it is "unfair" when I am strict with her.

My Out-of-Control Daughter

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