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We are at the end of our rope with this behavior...

My wife and I are grandparents to our five year old grandson. We basically are doing all the parenting and are having an increasingly difficult time managing the behavior of our grandson. Basically, we are at the end of our rope with this behavior as it is affecting our lives to the point that we have lots of friction, little serenity and very little fun in our lives. (Not to mention no personal free time what with soccer, hockey and homework from kindergarten!!!) We’re both work full time and are within a few months of being 60 years old. Houston’s antics are driving strife and discord into our life at home. Everything is a Herculean effort with him from sun up to sun down, and bed. He is obstinate, demanding and manipulative and lies (characteristics that he learns from his mother who I believe is a sociopath). We have tried to sort this mess out without any physical punishment to no avail; the behavior continues to be a excessive and disruptive. Houston (our grandson) will have zero potential if we just turn loose, but we have reached end of our alternatives. This is where you come in, if you think there can be a positive outcome.

I believe what is destabilizing our situation is the parenting plan which is in place the places Houston with his mom and dad on alternating weekends. His dad (my stepson) has residential custody due to Houston’s moms’ drug and other criminal issues. The dad has had drinking issues, is doing well and is aware that Houston is currently better off with us than with his mom which has led to all types of litigation trying to minimize her influence. Each weekend that Houston spends with his mom he returns home and we essentially have to start over mitigating the behavior issues, (yelling, defiance, not listening, lying refusing to go to bed, and arguing/negotiating at every step of the way). We encourage his love for his mom and avoid any disparaging dialog regarding her, but we’re pretty fed up with this cycle and it has become worse over the past years.

My Out-of-Control Grandson

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