Out-of-Control Son

Our son Patrick entered this world miraculously to us and to various doctors. ( the phenomenon then almost 18 years ago was rare) Arlette's first pregnancy (Chantal 27 years) was traumatic, life threatening and dangerous for both. The second pregnancy +- 9 years after Chantal was born ended up into a miscarriage, due to complications, bad health, but also negligence from her then gynecologist. A sterilization,"cutting and knotting" of Arlette's tubes had to be performed. The surgery took place 6 days after a d.n.c. procedure was performed on my wife.

Arlette spoke with me +- 7 weeks after surgery and she said "I think I'm pregnant" My reaction was it is impossible, we must consult the doctors today. The explanation was, Arlette conceived during the 6 days before the sterilization took place. The pregnancy was without any complication and she carried our son to full term.

We have experience enormous problem, behavior patterns with Patrick since 3 weeks old. During the years we have consulted, psychologists, therapists. doctors, teachers catholic priests, specialists and recently psychiatrists to assist with Patrick's extreme destroying behaviour, aggressive, manipulative,disrespectful, abusive, dishonest, no respect, no regard for any rules or authority, and lately dabbing into the Occult, way of existing.

A few days ago on Holy Sunday, we told Patrick most of his possessions will be packed and removed from his living areas of our house. I told him he must now leave our home and find alternative accommodation and to start his almost adult life by himself. The abuse both physically and verbally and sometimes spiritually can not be excepted by us, his parents. The deceit, thievery, stealing, blatant lies, manipulative way of doing things will not be tolerated anymore.

Patrick begged us to come back home with us after the authorities (police) withdrew the charges against Patrick, for stealing and breaking into our home. This scenario with the police or any person in authority is a continuous saga since the age of about 12 years. His heavy smoking and drinking habits started from age 13. Patrick's drug abuse, dagga or marijuana, and other substances is now "killing" him.

The above is only a short version of our son's life that is spirilling down to the depths of hell. We need all the help we can find to help, guide and support our most complicated, difficult, confused and yes scared, challenging son.

My Out-of-Control Son

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