Out-of-Control Daughter

After reading the information provided about your e-books, etc. I am hopeful but still scared. My life, even with weekly counseling for my daughter, is so bad that we have almost been kicked out of my mother’s home, due to her defiant and aggressive behavior. She is failing school due to refusal to turn in homework, she steals from other family members and has a "whatever" or "I don't care attitude" that is not improving.

I know that there are no guarantees, that every child and parent is different. What I need is more guidance on how to help her care have more self control and less defiance. I am a divorced parent, her father is an alcoholic who she is only allowed to see occasionally due to his abuse.
As you stated in your article I have looked at other articles on the web, and have been unsuccessful in seeing anything that would benefit the entire family, except yours, as I feel it will take a family effort to help my daughter become the young lady she can become.

My Out-of-Control Daughter

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