She has become very rebellious...

I am writing to you today and tell you about my daughter. She is just 18 and in December of 2009 decided it was time for her to move out on her in another city, just 20 minutes from her family. In the last year she has become very rebellious and prior to that she has steadily becoming unruly for the past 3 years. We have been to counseling and she never saw a psychiatrist who diagnosed her with Anxiety and Depression. She is still in counseling and on medication for two and half years now. She now wants to come back home and go back to school and get her grade 12 diploma. She did not go to school in September 2009 because she said she was under a lot of stress. So she did correspondence and received three credits and is working on a fourth credit before second semester begins on Feb 2, 2009. She still is arguing with her Father and this was even happening for a while now. My husband is not the problem, he just points the obvious out and this upsets her and then she gets yelling and showing no respect and figures she has the upper hand.

My Out-of-Control Daughter

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