ODD Daughter

I have finished reading your article about children with Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) and the list of behaviours pin point the attitude of my daughter to the 'T'. She is disrespectful towards her elders as well as to anybody else she takes a fancy to, she has been rejected from one school due to her disruptive behaviour and refusal to do as she is told, which led me to home tutor her for an entire year due to the fact that there were no available places in any good schools in, or outside my borough, which left me with no choice but to wait for a place to become available in my chosen school. However, despite my attempts, she is not doing too well in this new school either after only attending for the past 6 months. Over the past three months her attitude at home towards myself and her brother has become literally unbearable and I am felling extremely anxious and depressed. I am also feeling guilty as my 12 year old son is stuck in the middle and I feel that I cannot help his situation change for the better either, when I should be able to because after all, I am the parent. I am at my wits end and feel embarrassed to admit that I no longer know what else to do with her. I have tried all the traditional behavioural strategies aimed at parents i.e. positive reinforcement with her, time outs, consequences and so on and so forth, but with no positive or long lasting effects.

My Out-of-Control Child

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