Out-of-Control Son

My 16 year old son is praised for his kindness to his classmates at school and is generally considered to be a nice polite boy. He is also extremely kind to most people outside school (ie friends and cousins). There are a few teachers whom he does not respect in the slightest and who say he is extremely rude and gets angry very quickly. This is how he is towards me. When he is struggling with school work I try to help him but he gets angry within about 2 minutes, swears at me and walks off. If he asks me to do something for him and I politely say I can't he gets angry, swears and walks off. If I ask him to do something, eg clean his room, put his clean clothes away, carry the shopping in for me, etc he will either (if he is in a good mood) do it when he wants to (which is often too late, ie carrying in the shopping) or call me lazy and be extremely rude to me and walk off. There have been a couple of occasions where he has pushed me to get me out of a room he wants to stay in, whether or not it is his room.

He has a really bad view of women in general (except for his friends and his sister). I get the feeling that he hates me for some reason and I also feel that if he gets angry enough he will attack me and won't be able to stop himself as his rage comes out of nowhere and is extremely bad - it is as though he is possessed. Because of this my only defense is to just walk away before things get out of control, perform my parental duties and not have much else to do with him. After a couple of days things get back to normal - UNTIL THE NEXT TIME!

My Out-of-Control Son

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