My son is now 19 and has been uncontrollable...

My son is now 19 and has been uncontrollable and has tries drugs and alcohol, He is antisocial. I am unable to find any real support and he has tried to commit suicide twice (once by hanging). I currently have him in hospital to stabilize his medications but believe he needs to make the adjustments himself rather than rely on meds. I have been supportive but in my love I think I have ruined him... He lies steals and resists all the way. I have always believed in taking responsibility and have tried to get him to earn his way... he just seems to not care, stays in his room and avoids life. He is a very sensitive incredibly smart young man with a lot going for him but he just avoids... he seems to have social anxiety and depression... he uses alcohol and abuses his medications. I am so fearful of him killing himself I am quite ineffective (I found him hanging so am extremely traumatized by this event)... Help help help... I have been trying everything here but the medical help here seems ineffective... I have recently told him he cannot come home unless he finishes the program in hospital, which is 3 weeks, and so far hasn’t done a thing.

My Out-of-Control Son

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