"Children's Aide causes more trouble in a family than they help with..."

I came across you site and I wish you lived in Canada, it is so hard to get help with teens out of control, Children's Aide as far as I am concerned causes more trouble in a family than they help with. It is sad there is not a system that offered affordable help for young family's with teens, after all they are the next adults. It seems things are always left until the teen does something to themselves or depending what they have got themselves into, something is done to them!

It takes special people to reach these kids and help them sort things out and it is not easy, but thank God there are people like yourself.

I know a family that has what I think is an out of control teen and it is affecting the whole family, I know it is none of my business, but I am very close to these people and my heart goes out to them and I love young people and feel so sorry for this 14 yr old. Life is not easy for anyone, you have to have the faith, hope, strength & courage and respect to make it through.

There was a 19yr old in our area that shot himself last week, I know the father and I cannot even start to imagine what has happened to the lives of these nice people. There was also a 21 yr old girl in the town I live in who was badly beaten up and a few days following this she hung herself, my heart aches to think of what these two felt inside to find this as the only way to deal with things. This girl was beaten so bad it was a closed casket. I cry for both of them and my heart aches endlessly.

I should not take any more of your time, I just wanted to thank you for doing the work you do. Thank God for the ones you reach in time!

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