My 16 year old has been expelled from school...

My 16 year old has been expelled from school for doing absolutely nothing the teachers wanted him to do.

We have had him home for 3 months now, and he refuses to put any effort into getting a job, despite our consistent badgering for him to do so. He refuses to get out of bed at a reasonable hour, go to bed at a reasonable hour and is totally unmotivated to do anything. I have not given him any money for anything (including haircuts and clothes), hoping that he will realize he has to go and earn it himself. After a huge blowup last week, my son walked out and has not contacted us since.

I am unsure of what to do if my 16 year old decides to contact us or want to come home again. (It is school holidays here, so I assume he is partying with his friends until they all go back to school).

I want him home, but he causes so much tension in the house and refuses to look for work.

I can not say “ok love, as long as you are here with us, you can do exactly as you like”. But I also can not see myself kicking him out (even though I would love to at times) when he doesn’t follow our rules. What do I do to stop everything going back to how it was?

My Out-of-Control Teen

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Anonymous said...

My son Has Just done the same thing, He stole money from us and I hit the roof, He walked out and see`s no wrong in what he has done. He is refusing to come home and all his mates thinks he`s the bees knees! He is making us out to be the worst parents ever and its ripping a hole inside me, If he does come home it will be hard, A, to trust him and B, when things don`t go his way he will just do the same again. Not sure what to do !