I really am at my wits end...

I really am at my wits end. I have cried my eyes out reading here..the validation..is so....powerful..I have been a counselor in the past, ironically, to teens(girls, the child in question is a boy, and has a mildly autistic brother, younger)He steals, lies, breaks things only eith special meaning to me..I'm a single parent. I have never left him..but in his very young age...I spit up with his father, an addict, and a man with anger issues...my son was ild enough to recall my being threatened by his dad..this caused me to leave...his dad has been extremely inconsistent,blaming and neglectful at best towards his son....only now too little too late. I keep wondering why he targets me...I have my own problems, but I successfully take care of my autistic boy...butI have never ever not "been there" for my boys..I had to work, he was extremely difficult to put in daycare...I feel like now, as a teen, I'm losing my mind and as I heal from certain things, it see!

ms to get worse..the less he can manipulate..now he's become a bully...I'm scared, and have done everything to be there for my son fro day one...I never left him..but his dad did...is this enough to cause this? I don't know what to do anymore....I feel so used, so....useless...and I have become a hermit, severaly depressed..and my youngest is always overshadowed by his older brother, to say the least...I don't go to my recovery meetings anymore, and all meds and valuables are locked up...I have the keys of the box on my neck, he'd steal them while I slpet or showered..and my home, is not "home"..and I find myself feeling..finally, angry....and that scares me too...lst in MA....Truly, Tanja

My Out-of-Control Teen

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