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My son has ADHD and I believe ODD...

My son has ADHD and I believe ODD after reading your articles/etc. We took him to a neuropsychologist at the age of 4 who told us he would either be a "hostage negoitiator" or a "mechanical engineer". He is smart and sweet but "no" seems to be a jumping off point for him to begin negotiating. He often blurts out in class - I just had a lengthy phonecall this am from school. They started on Friday. He often asks for another chance and even though we do takes things away such as WII and phone - he begs and asks continually for it back. Evenif we threaten another day of punishment. I'm worried he is going to bug a cop or a judge someday like this and not make it in society. He is turning 12 at the end of the month. I'm his mom. I'm a lot like him. Although I haven't had trouble with the law I've switched jobs (nurse) often and have had difficulties. While I'm not mouthy, I am opioniated. I used to be mouthy! I have a husband who has a job and I am able to work part time. My son will be the head of his household and needs to be able to keep a job and function in society. I would aslo like your input for me if you wouldn't mind. I just had a horrible boss who was a nasty gossip.My job descritpiton was not what it was supposed to be HR came in and my job went downhill. How's that for questions? I want to help my son. My other son daydreams (more like his dad) who does fine at work. Thank God. My son takes clonidine at hs and after school. I hate to give it in the am because it makes him tired. He also takes fluoextine 10 mg at hs. This seems to take the edge off and "things" don't bother him so much. It has worked for me in past and seems to really help him as well. I'm wondering if I should homeschool him because I feel that the constant negative response that he seems unable or unwilling to change regardless of consequences will take a toll on his spirit. I love him and want him to succeed. Please help! I think your website/ebook is better than any therapist could do. He really is a good kid. I'm just worried about the teen years and working on his life skills. Not all kids can do well in public school/private school. He's never been suspended or in trouble like that. Just the blurting out (impulsive) and he isn't great socially. He hasn't had a lot of friends but last year he had a couple and we had to move and he still talks with them on phone and online. We moved from MI to SC to GA. I think going to Middle school is a huge change. He has a 3-inch binder with a bunch of new rules, a locker, daily gym class, and many hormones! I want him not to blurt out and to be respectful. I ask him/tell him/threaten him. Nothing really works. I just honestly feel he is unable to make the brain connection. He would never hurt anyone's feelings or be disrespectful on purpose. He is sensitive to too tight of socks, etc. All I can say is poor little guy! Poor mom too. Poor teachers. Help!

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