Grandson Problems

I am wondering if your program will work for us. I am trying hard to be a grandparent to my grandson (16 yrs old). He has been kicked out of the house by his mother and his aunt and uncle because of his behavior. I don't want to give up on this child, but I am not exactly 30 or 40 anymore. I work outside the home and try to get him to school and just provide the best home life i can. But, I am at the end of my rope already.

In 5 days of school, and it was a fight to get him into the school - 2 week’s worth of phone calls and pleading on my part. No one wants this disruptive child. He has managed to skip 3 times and be late to classes 7 x. He also swears in class and is disruptive. Daily he blows smoke up my skirt with all his talk of doing well and does squat. After Friday’s classes, we had a yelling match, (I yelled and he was sullen), then i went to work. When I returned home, he had done nothing as usual. Dishes piled in the sink, underwear etc on the floor no picking up anything. He was laying on the couch, snacking and acting as if nothing had happened.

I really do not know whether to just send him back to his old home town, to be in a group home on welfare and let him go. I have turned down shifts (i am a nurse) to handle these problems. It is costing us money, time and I am starting to worry about my stress levels on top of all of this. If you think your program will help, I will purchase it. But truly be honest with me, as I am at the end of my rope with this one.

I hate to let a grandchild fail like this, but I really cannot cope with his anger/skipping/ late/ lack of motivation/ lying, etc. I just got him to stop going on line till 4-5 am in the mornings, by threatening to remove the modem from the computer and take it to work. I should not have to do this over and over again.

Anyway i am writing you a book here, sorry. Just frustrated.

One tired old grandma

My Out-of-Control Grandson

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